Jackets for children

"Heat does not break bones"is a well-known saying. And indeed, warmth is an important aspect at all times of the year. Whether it's a cool summer evening or a sunny but chilly winter morning, getting the right clothes is a must. Children's fluffy vests will suffice for the summer, rainwear will be useful for the changeable seasons of autumn and spring. Meanwhile, long down jackets will serve in the winter.

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It must be acknowledged that jackets and other outdoor clothing for children must not only be protected from wind, cold and water, but also comfortable. Obstructive clothing will interfere with play and other active activities. Therefore, before buying jackets and other outdoor clothing for children, make sure they are the right size.

When choosing a jacket, it is important to pay attention to the fabric of the jacket. The outer fabric of the jacket must be strong, dense, breathable. But at the same time it is impervious to rain, easy to maintain, wash and dry. Find out what the lining and jacket filler are made of. The lining can be nylon, cotton or wool. The natural filling of the jackets is down or pressed wool. Even the harshest winter cold will not frighten you with a fluffy or woolen filler jacket. Meanwhile, man-made fiber filler jackets could be the right choice for spring or fall. Finally, it is worth paying attention to the clasps, the cuffs. The bottom of the sleeve should have elastic, heat-retaining, cuffs. A comfortable and practical part of the jacket is a hood that protects from rain and cold wind.