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Kindsgut goods for children

The Kindsgut brand says, “We aim to make families happy!” This goal was chosen not by chance. To start Kindsgut, it was the idea of a couple - Corinna Link and Patrick Link - that came from the failure of their childcare supplies and toys. Realizing how difficult it is to buy high quality goods at an affordable price for children, they started making them themselves.

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The Kindsgut development team is made up of moms and dads who are interested in the well-being and early education of their children. Therefore, their tandem allows the discoveries to be shared with the general public. Especially since all innovations are tested by those for whom they are intended - children! This is one of the most important advantages of this brand. Toys and other products for children are tested not only by independent assessment bodies, but also by children to ensure that only the most proven products reach buyers.

The uniqueness of this brand, founded in Germany, is characterized by carefully thought-out design, minimalist solutions and versatility. Almost every Kindsgut product for children is color neutral, making it suitable for both boys and girls. In addition, the high standards of aesthetics and practical use of the brand development team are also combined with the sustainability of the materials used in production.

Kindsgut plush toys for children and other products are certified by organizations such as EOKOTEX, GOTS and FSC, which ensures that their products do not contain toxic parts and are safe for use by children. Finally, it is a socially responsible business that actively participates in various social projects, supporting them with its products. Also, given that wood is used in their production, they take care of replanting the trees. Manufacturers say they want to do more than just make toys, they want to benefit future generations and in other ways.