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EO products for children

EO is a brand that presents itself as modern, progressive and dynamic. In 2013, a company was established in Denmark with the aim of uniting designers residing in various parts of the world. According to the brand developers, design is a universal language that everyone can understand. That is why, by joining international forces and using the highest quality materials, we create unique products for children that are no longer impossible to

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The EO brand, which creates furniture and other interior design details for children’s spaces, surprises you again and again with creative solutions. One such example is the unique oak chairs for children designed by designer Takeshi Sawada. The three different chairs Bambi, Sheep and Cow are reminiscent of the above-mentioned animals. The backrests of the chairs are decorated with the motifs of the animals' horns, while their seating part is covered with padding reminiscent of an animal's fur.inimas.

Another successful EO manufacturer’s project is stylized rugs for children. Modern, 100 percent. wool carpets are the result of meticulous handwork based on drawings provided by different designers. The rug created by the team of Les Graphiquants designers Zebra, HELHARAVA artists Leopard and Twice designers Panda are great examples of how a relatively small detail can significantly enliven a space and give it charm.jai šarmo.

Other children's furniture, such as highchairs and tables, are among the most successful EO projects. Interior details such as the mirror-shaped mirrors for balloons and ice cream created by Nicole and Tor Vitner Servé also received a lot of attention. Such a detail, which does not complicate the interior and seems extremely simple, brings warmth and playfulness even to such rooms that it seems that no one can save anymore. A professional look and accumulated experience is the key to success, which in all cases ensures that their work will find an indispensable place in the room.