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Design Letters products for children

Design Letters is a Danish brand founded in 2009 by journalist and writer Mette Thomsen. The mission of Design Letters is to create personalized, high-quality, everyday items. For example, their list includes children's and adult bottles, lunch boxes, tools and shopping bags. Design Letters also offers a variety of jewelry.ų.

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The charm of Design Letters products lies in their simplicity. Moderate, Scandinavian-style products with calm, pastel colors are a timeless style. Therefore, the products of this brand are gladly used by both children and teenagers as well as adults. The distinctive mark of the Design Letters brand is the wording in solid font that is repeated on different products. These short inscriptions, as an accent of graphic design, become the main eye-catching detail and give the product recognizability..

This brand is praised for its special importance for sustainability. The products offered by Design Letters are exceptionally innovative, sustainable and designed to be used for a long time. Design Letters for children, for example, are no longer made of silicone. Ecozen is used to replace it® material. Meanwhile, textile products are certified and meet OEKO-TEX standards. This means that not only the textile used by the manufacturer, but also its dyeing methods and methods are environmentally friendly. Finally, the jewelry of this brand is made of recycled silver..

The brand development team also pays close attention to the ecology of product transportation and packaging. As early as 2018, the brand set a goal to completely phase out plastic in the packaging of its products within five years. Today, Design Letters can celebrate their goal by almost reaching 95 percent of the packaging without plastic parts, and the remaining 5 are made from already recycled materials..