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Baghera is a manufacturer of children's wooden and metal typewriters of various sizes. Back in 1999, a family business born in France, near Paris, is enjoying an ever-growing community of fans. It’s hard to stay indifferent to the outcome of the work of developers, talented designers, which obviously took a long time to implement. Baghera toys, thought out to the smallest detail, will captivate every little one..

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Brand founder Emmanuel Noureau took the idea to create a toy for the childhood dream of becoming a professional racer. This aspiration turned quite interestingly, he led the founder not to the steering wheel of the race car, but to the creation of cars for children. In this way, Emmanuel Noureau wanted to help children nurture their dreams, which are perhaps similar to those he himself lived as a child. Looks like he did it great!!

From the idea to its realization, including the materials used in the products, the shapes and colors chosen, the family business takes responsibility for the quality and safety of the products for children. Every step of production here is inseparable from meticulousness, precision and attentiveness. This is why all Baghera products are tested by independent experts in different research laboratories. All toys from this manufacturer are certified as meeting the safety and quality standards of the European Union.

Baghera machines for children are designed to withstand even the most serious, difficult tests for little ones. According to the developers, the main goal is that the toys they make would not be thrown away, but would travel their journey from generation to generation. The timeless retro style and delightful quality of the machines really allow you to do just that. After all, after the babies grow up, they still look like new ones, so they can travel into the hands of another owner. Thus, the products produced by this brand are definitely a worthwhile choice for those who value sustainability and ecology.ą.